I am a mirror

What happens when a mirror looks in the mirror? What does it see?

Mirrors don’t have eyes.

Yes they do, I’m looking in the mirror and see two eyes staring back at me. Mirrors do have eyes.

Those are your eyes.

They can’t be my eyes, I am a mirror and have no eyes.

Then how can you look yourself in the mirror?

I face the mirror and see nothing for I have no eyes.

A mirror looks in the mirror and sees nothing.

How can a mirror reflect everything in front of it with no eyes to see that which it reflects?

A mirror, blind with no eyes can reflect the world back to it. Perhaps eyes are not what are required to see.

Trust the mirror for the mirror knows that eyes are not sight. The mirror sees that which eyes do not and reflects it back.

I, the mirror, face you facing me. I see what the world sees. I have eyes but they are not mine.

Do not fear my child for when you close your eyes and think you see darkness, I will keep your reflection safe for I do not need eyes to protect you.